In character as "Dr. Robere DeGraf," Mark Pettey, left, of Naples, Fla., entertains six-year-old Brayden Genenbacher, of Hannibal, Mo., with a magic trick during the inaugural Big River Steampunk Festival Saturday Aug. 30, 2014, in the downtown Hannibal historic district. Pettey and numerous other costumed characters were in town for the festival. Steampunk enthusiasts embrace a genre of science fiction that marries steam-powered machinery and accoutrements with Victorian era or "Wild West" frontier style dress. (H-W Photo/Phil Carlson)

(H-W Photo/Phil Carlson)

Don your goggles and celebrate the Victorian inventions, industry & architecture of Hannibal’s Gilded Age! Cosplay, costume contests, historic homes tour, live music, vaudeville show, tea with Queen Victoria and more! 573-248-1819

There are waaaaaay too many fun events to list here, but all the FREE events and PREMIUM Steampunk Festival events can be found on the Big River Steampunk Festival website –

Enjoy the fun and fantasy of this unique festival!