Everyone dreams of having that perfect picture to post on Instagram, Facebook or to hang in their home. A picture that your friends will inquire about and allow you to brag on your adventures. Well here is the official list of the most adventurous, photogenic, and inspiring locations to photograph in Hannibal, MO.

1. Lover’s Leap

LoversLeap This bluff top overlooks the Mississippi River, downtown Hannibal, and the banks of Illinois. The cliff is popular to locals, because it is a perfect spot to watch the sunset. However, for tourists it is a hit because of the history behind the name and the tremendous views it produces.

2. Riverview Park

MarkTwain Statue 448x279This 465 acre park not only has trails to walk and statues to see, but Riverview Park is full of opportunities to take jaw-dropping pictures that will make all of your friends jealous. There are plenty of trees, paths to the river front, and overlooks of the river to be photographed.

3. Lighthouse

lighthouse372x182The memorial lighthouse was built to commemorate Mark Twain’s 100th birthday. It sits on top of Cardiff Hill and overlooks downtown. The breathtaking views of the river and Main Street entices many tourists to make the journey up the never-ending steps. Are you up for the challenge?

4. Historic downtown

If you like architecture and historic culture, downtown Hannibal is the place for you. On sunny days, you can find people sitting in front of businesses playing tunes for everyone to enjoy. Not only is the music enjoyable, but strolling down Main Street enables you to capture the small town vibe that Hannibal is known for.

5. The Mark Twain Cave

Processed with VSCOcam with 7 presetA cave may not seem like the most ideal spot for pictures. However, this iconic cave used in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer allows for tourists to be a part of the story of Tom and Becky as it comes to life inside the cave. This is an adventure you cannot pass up.

6. Banks of the Mississippi

Twain at Schwartz ParkMaybe the adventures of the cave are not what you are looking for. Take a trip down to the riverfront to experience the magic of the Mississippi River. While there, you can visit Mark Twain’s statue, sit in the garden or watch riverboats as they cruise up and down the river.

7. Java Jive

javajive775x350Are you looking for a place to relax with friends while enjoying some fine drinks? Java Jive, the first coffee shop west of the Mississippi River, not only has delicious drinks and food, but their relaxing atmosphere and unique decor entices you to come in grab a seat.

Bonus: Gas station on Route W

One last stop on Hannibal’s most photogenic areas, the old gas station on Route W. This rundown gas station throws you back in time and makes the most unique pictures.
        The list of the most exciting, memorable and photogenic areas in Hannibal is at your fingertips; which one will be your first stop?