Ideas for Your Perfect Hannibal Vacation

Below are Hannibal trip ideas to inspire you on your Hannibal Family Vacation!

There are so many things to do in Hannibal. In order to make the most of your Hannibal, Missouri family vacation it’s best to be prepared! Any Hannibal vacation will certainly include a bit of history. Dive into the city’s historic past at the boyhood home of Samuel Clemens, better known to most as Mark Twain.

Missouri Family Vacation Planning

Want a family vacation without the stress of planning? Visit Hannibal makes it easy with suggested itineraries, recommended lodgings, and locally-owned restaurant lists. Relax and enjoy a trip to this historic town with the comfort of knowing that all the logistics have been worked out.

Your trip can mix the fun of discovering history and local crafts with more adult activities such as wine tastings or a trip to the Mark Twain Brewing Company. Whether you begin your Hannibal trip exploring the same cave like Tom and Huck, cruising down the Mighty Mississippi River or enjoying a fantastic local beer , there are plenty of things to do in Hannibal for locals and visitors alike. As a Missouri family vacation destination, Hannibal has activities that are guaranteed to provide fun for all ages.

3 Days of Fun

Plan A 3 Day Hannibal Vacation


You want the full Hannibal experience.  There’s no need to stress when planning your trip! Find out how you can experience the best Hannibal vacation with activities, attractions and more within three days.

An Experiential Trip

Hands-On Hannibal Vacation


Are you ready to get out and about?  No  Hannibal vacation would be complete without experiencing some of our most fun activities. Explore a cave, hunt for ghosts, and more!  This is one Missouri family vacation you’ll be talking about for years!

Mark Twain’s Hannibal

Tour Mark Twain’s Hannibal


You want to experience all that is Mark Twain. Take a trip back in time during your Hannibal vacation and discover the town that inspired Twain’s genius.  With this sample trip, you’ll be a Twain expert in no time during your Hannibal vacation.